You have many options when it comes to buying a new home. Each home buyer can follow a number of simple steps that will guarantee the selection of the best property at the most affordable price. 



Selling your home can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Knowing what to expect and working with a professional like Briley is essential to guaranteeing the results that you expect and an approach that is painless.  


Consider the following steps, when you are planning to buy property:

Determine your budget.
Knowing what you can spend on a new home will be the starting point of your journey towards purchase. Visiting helpful websites like Yahoo's Real Estate Estimator ( will give you a leg up.

Consult a broker.
A professional broker will be able to provide you with consulting and assistance in terms of choosing a mortgage lender. Select a broker who listens to you carefully. You should be comfortable with the person and feel at ease when discussing any aspect of the process.

Use online resources to start your property search.
The Web will provide you with excellent resources to start your search. See what types of properties are offered for sale within your price range. Once you select several offers, your broker will make appointments to take you on site.

Draft a list of needs.
Make sure you know what you want in a property. If necessary, draft a list that contains all of your requirements. This list will help you compare the properties that you visit. Take note of their shortcomings and decide which ones hold the greatest value. A simple comparison of properties based on the previously mentioned factors will give you the chance to narrow the field.


Consider the following steps, when you are looking to sell property:

Rely on professional pricing advice.
You will need the help of a professional advisor to accurately determine the value of your property and to navigate the complexities of the sales process. An honest broker will supply you with a detailed Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to help you assess the current market value of your home. This is an essential first step in successfully moving your property. Always remember that if the market determines the price, a realistic price decreases time on the market.

Focus on your financial needs.
Before deciding on the sales terms, you should evaluate your financial needs and expectations. Knowing what you need to get out of your home based on a realistic assessment of your financial standing will reduce your anxieties and help you set a realistic expectation as you move into the sale.

Ways to market your property.
Even the most attractive home needs an effective marketing plan to generate buyer interest. A good broker will provide you with tips and support for everything you need to generate interest and ensure the home is well “staged” to close the deal. Everything from refreshing the home's interior and exterior to open houses must be considered. Making the right investments in the home's marketing will yield big dividends in reduced time on the market and final selling price.


Your new home awaits.
Start your search today. 


To being the process of selling your home, contact Briley Burris. 




Briley keeps her finger on the “pulse” of Charlotte to keep investors and home owners informed of the most updated information for a more educated decision. She works well with investors because we speak directly about the facts and figures around the properties.


Call Briley for assistance with your real estate investing needs. She can provides investors with the following insight:

• Tips on Investing Strategies
• How to invest in this kind of market
• Guidance and advice from an experienced network

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